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def repoquery::instPkgQuery::prco (   self,
Query for the provides/requires/conflicts/obsoletes of this package.

@param what: one of provides, requires, conflicts, obsoletes
@type  what: str

@rtype: list of str

Reimplemented from repoquery::pkgQuery.

Definition at line 303 of file repoquery.py.

        prcodict = {}
        # rpm names are without the trailing s :)
        what = what[:-1]

        names = self.pkg.tagByName('%sname' % what)
        flags = self.pkg.tagByName('%sflags' % what)
        ver = self.pkg.tagByName('%sversion' % what)
        if names is not None:
            for (n, f, v) in zip(names, flags, ver):
                req = formatRequire(n, v, f)
                # filter out rpmlib deps
                if n.startswith('rpmlib'):
                prcodict[req] = None

        prcolist = prcodict.keys()
        return prcolist

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