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def package-cleanup::PackageCleanup::_find_missing_deps (   self,
) [private]
find any missing dependencies for any installed package in pkgs

Definition at line 121 of file package-cleanup.py.

        """find any missing dependencies for any installed package in pkgs"""
        # XXX - move into rpmsack/rpmdb
        providers = {} # To speed depsolving, don't recheck deps that have 
                       # already been checked
        problems = []
        for po in pkgs:
            for (req,flags,ver)  in po.requires:
                if req.startswith('rpmlib'): continue # ignore rpmlib deps
                if not providers.has_key((req,flags,ver)):
                    resolve_sack = self.rpmdb.whatProvides(req,flags,ver)
                    resolve_sack = providers[(req,flags,ver)]
                if len(resolve_sack) < 1:
                    flags = yum.depsolve.flags.get(flags, flags)
                    missing = miscutils.formatRequire(req,ver,flags)
                    problems.append((po, "requires %s" % missing))
                    # Store the resolve_sack so that we can re-use it if another
                    # package has the same requirement
                    providers[(req,flags,ver)] = resolve_sack
        return problems

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